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Aug. 18th, 2009 11:22 pm
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elit. Duis faucibus nisi vel arcu congue non venenatis enim faucibus. Phasellus mauris lorem, facilisis id molestie eget, tempus in nulla. Donec vel vestibulum lectus. Fusce semper malesuada enim at tempor. Maecenas mollis lorem mauris, ac condimentum nulla. Mauris mi sem, interdum vitae varius blandit, lobortis at ante. Vestibulum vel nunc elit, molestie gravida tellus. Duis scelerisque lacus non mauris pharetra a facilisis magna luctus. Morbi sodales commodo pulvinar. Maecenas vitae adipiscing metus.
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here we are, new version of safari: beta 4 build 5528.16.

Fusce lacinia vehicula nunc. Donec convallis. Nulla facilisi. Pellentesque varius lectus.
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third test said in inbox it was successful, but did not actually make it to JF.

public post, repeating the attempt.
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crosspost went fine. i am not getting logged out. so i can't replicate this on tiger (different build anyway), and my leopard machine is b0rked. but need to go slowly through the process again so i can write up bugs.
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tried to change the previously established account to give it the right password, but it would just replot and replot without any notice as to what was wrong.

had to delete it altogether and start over.
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during "manage account" i gave the wrong password. it gave me no hint that that might have been the case.

unix epoch

Jan. 1st, 1970 10:04 pm
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ti-i-i-ime is on my si-ide, yes it is.


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